Tracking businesses that sell on marketplaces, Amazon & Ebay, or have their own website

UKOnlineStores has extensively researched ecommerce sellers in the UK. Tracking businesses selling on their own website or selling via UK marketplaces Amazon & Ebay.

Marketplace sellers performance can be tracked through monitoring feedback scores, ratings, no. of items for sale, product categories, number of followers & views.

Marketplace sellers for Amazon or Ebay can be split by relevant product categories; Electronics, Home Furnishings, Sports, Health&Beauty or Fashion etc to identify trends within specific sectors.

Over 110,000 sellers tracked on Amazon UK Marketplace.

UK & Overseas sellers identified.

UK Businesses with own ecommerce website

Click here to select UK businesses with their own ecommerce website. Lists available by product categories:

Home Furnishings, Gifts & Crafts, Food & Drink, Clothing & Accessories, Animals & Pets, Shopping incl. Jewellery & Flowers, Automotive, Recreation & Hobbies, Health & Beauty, Sports etc.

Please contact us to discuss your tailored list of ecommerce website owners & marketplace sellers .