Number of Sellers Increase by 40% on Amazon UK

Sellers listed on Amazon increase as Marketplaces continue to grow


UK Online Stores has identified 155,000 registered sellers on Amazon UK, compared to 111,000 in 2018, an increase of almost 40%. While 23% of all registered sellers have yet to make a sale, 42% have a lifetime feedback of 25+, having sold at least 500+ products on Amazon UK*.

35% of registered UK sellers have made at least 1 sale on Amazon UK but received less than 25 feedbacks from buyers.

A total of 97,000 sellers have been identified on Amazon France and 110,000 on Amazon Germany Marketplace.

Over 50% of products are sold by third-party sellers

Businesses are increasingly listing products on marketplaces. Amazon has 5 marketplaces available in Europe, with Amazon Italy & Spain, as well as the UK, Germany & France.

International Selling

As the number of sellers increase on the Amazon UK marketplace, those selling internationally continues to grow. 61% of Amazon UK sellers, with 25+ lifetime feedback, are selling on all the other Amazon European marketplaces. Those sellers listing products on Amazon UK only represent 18%.

The ability to use the same seller ID and name across Europe for Amazon has encouraged many sellers to list products on the other Amazon Marketplaces. This is similar to the experience in the North American marketplaces where the same Amazon ID can be used on the 3 marketplaces (US, Canada & Mexico).

71% of French sellers, with 25+ feedback, sell on all Amazon European marketplaces.

This highlights the relatively small size of the marketplace and the opportunity available by providing international services. With minimal additional time to list your products on the other marketplaces sellers are reaching out to more European consumers.

Positive Feedback for Sellers

Almost 20,000 sellers, with 25+ feedback, have a 100% positive feedback rating from buyers in the last 12 months. This represents just under a third of all Amazon UK sellers with 25+ feedback.  The figures for Amazon France and Germany sellers are 26% and 31% respectively.

Sellers work hard to maintain high positive feedback from buyers. When poor feedback is received a sellers listing position for their products can fall. Being listed on page 1 and as high as possible is key to getting a high volume of sales, especially for highly competitive products.

Business Sellers

Individuals and businesses are able to sell on the Amazon marketplaces. While UK Online Stores monitors all sellers, due to GDPR regulations, only contact information is provided for business sellers.

For sellers with 25+ lifetime feedback, 71% are businesses on the Amazon UK marketplace. On Amazon France 68% are businesses and for Amazon Germany 56% are businesses.

Businesses selling on Amazon, many of which also sell via their own website, require many ecommerce related services.  With the percentage of online transactions via marketplaces increasing every year, it seems more & more businesses are going to sell on the Amazon European marketplace.

To search for sellers details on the Amazon UK marketplace, click here.

*Assuming 5% of sales leave a seller feedback rating

UK Online Stores monitors businesses selling on European Marketplaces & ecommerce websites. With over 25 key metrics and contact details available we are the leading supplier of Marketplace seller information, providing business intelligent data to the ecommerce sector.

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