UK Online Stores tracks sellers on the Marketplace.

Having verified the UK sellers contact information and decision maker LinkedIn Profiles we are now making this unique list of leads available to purchase.

Amazon Sellers in UK

UK Sellers Data Leads – Contacts & Direct Email Addresses

  • Decision Maker Name

  • Direct Email Address

  • Company Name, Address, Phone & Website

  • LinkedIn Profile URL

  • Marketplace Metrics & Seller IDs


Verified Contacts & Email Addresses for your Sales Team – 20+ Data Fields Supplied

Direct Email Addresses
LinkedIn Profile URLs
Senior Decision Makers

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Amazon UK Sellers List – Verified Leads


This list has 3,900 Amazon UK Seller leads with 2,200 direct contact email addresses, 3800 phone numbers, 1750 senior decision makers, 3,780 LinkedIn Profile URLs from a total of 1,640 Amazon Sellers.

    • 20+ Data Fields on each Seller

    • Amazon Marketplace Review Scores

    • Contact Name, Job Role & Email

    • Company Name, Address, Phone & Website

    • Link to Contacts LinkedIn Profile

    • Seller IDs & Main Product Category

This sellers list helps sales teams build relationships with key decision makers.

Delivered in excel format. All telephone numbers are screened against the corporate telephone preference service and therefore the Amazon UK Sellers List can take up to 48hrs to be delivered upon receipt of payment.