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Top sellers by product category as classified by Amazon


Amazon provide a list of all the sellers within each category. You can search this list of sellers, within the product categories, by clicking on the first letter of the particular sellers name that you are looking for (see image below). Amazon also list the top sellers within each category, although it’s unclear how Amazon determines who is a top seller.

By monitoring over 110,000 Amazon UK sellers, UKOnlineStores has been able to rank UK sellers. We rank Amazon sellers by their 12 month positive feedback and you can search for all Amazon UK sellers here. This method, however, has not been used by Amazon to list those classified as a top seller within each category. In fact, it’s hard to see the method used by Amazon.

Let’s take a look at the top sellers, on Amazon UK, within the Home & Kitchen category.

Home & Kitchen Top Sellers on Amazon UK

You can click on the image above, to go to and see the list of top sellers within the Home & Kitchen category, as classified by Amazon. These top sellers have a total lifetime feedback of 1,759,412.

However, the top 50 Home & Kitchen sellers, ranked by lifetime feedback, have a total of over 4 million. Therefore, Amazon are using a different way to classify the ‘top sellers’ by category. Indeed six sellers, within their list, have a feedback of less than 1000!

The table below list the top 20 sellers on Amazon UK, within the Home & Kitchen category. All Home & Kitchen sellers have been ranked by their lifetime feedback and yet only four of the top 20 sellers appear in the list of top sellers, as classified by Amazon and seen on the above image. These Home & Kitchen sellers are SPARES-2-GO, First4Spares, Harts of Stur, and Concept4U (UK).

Home & Kitchen Top Sellers

wdt_ID UK Rank Seller Name Store Affiliate link to contact page Main Category No. of Products Positive Feedback Lifetime Feedback Fulfilment
1 22 SPARES-2-GO Home & Kitchen Over 60,000 Products 94 293,972 FBM
2 10 DOMU UK Home & Kitchen 830 Products 99 283,325 FBM
3 273 Linens Limited Home & Kitchen Over 10,000 Products 95 254,503 FBM
4 78 Andrew James UK LTD Home & Kitchen 279 Products 97 207,818 FBA
5 683 Lowplex® Home & Kitchen Over 1,000 Products 99 145,550 FBA
6 28 First4Spares Home & Kitchen Over 10,000 Products 97 134,501 FBA
7 85 SelectiveGoods Home & Kitchen Over 1,000 Products 95 127,964 FBA
8 2,052 BargainShop_London Home & Kitchen Over 1,000 Products 98 110,825 FBM
9 1,164 Books2Door Home & Kitchen Over 1,000 Products 99 100,779 FBM
10 478 Bargain Warehouse Home & Kitchen Over 5,000 Products 95 97,547 FBM

Amazon have their own way of classifying a ‘top seller’ within each category and it’s not clear what sellers can do to be listed within the top seller group. However, Amazon UK do not promote the list of all sellers by category and so there seems little impact on not being listed as a top seller on these pages.

If you know how Amazon classify these ‘top sellers’, please let us know in the comments below.

You can find a list of all Amazon UK sellers, within each product category, by:

  • Selecting the relevant product category in the table below
  • Clicking the link to go through to the list of sellers on Amazon
  • Select the letter corresponding to the first letter of the seller e.g click on S if searching for Spares2Go
  • Click on the relevant seller to see their storefront and list of products

List of Amazon Sellers by Category

By clicking on the link below, for your relevant category, you will see the list of top sellers as classified by Amazon, as well as all sellers in alphabetical order.

UKOnlineStores has identified over 110,000 sellers on Amazon UK. We constantly monitor this marketplace to identify sellers, rank them by their feedback and analyse key metrics. To search all Amazon UK sellers and view their ongoing performance see Amazon UK – Sellers Rankings.

Key marketplace statistics on Amazon UK sellers in 2018:

  • British sellers on Amazon UK represent 21% of all sellers.
  • Sellers from China represent the largest nation selling on Amazon UK (34%)
  • 33% of active sellers on Amazon UK now sell on the four other Amazon European marketplaces; Germany, France, Italy & Spain
  • 46% of all British sellers on Amazon UK have a positive feedback of 98%+ in the last 12 months
  • 26% of GB sellers have a positive feedback of < 90%
  • The top 20 GB sellers on Amazon UK list over 19 million products and their total lifetime customer feedback count is over 18.26 million. They are listed here

UK Online Stores monitors businesses selling on European Marketplaces & ecommerce websites. With over 25 key metrics and contact details available we are the leading supplier of Marketplace seller information, providing business intelligent data to the ecommerce sector.

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