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Identifying sellers within each Amazon UK department

When searching products on you can pick a particular department to search within e.g. Clothing, Home & Garden etc. But how do you identify the sellers within each department? On Amazon UK you are able to see the list of sellers by department, although the particular pages are not easy to find.

Here we provide information on how to identify Amazon UK sellers by department, as well as the number of sellers. You can also see the % of British sellers by department on Amazon UK. Overall British sellers account for 21% of the total sellers on Amazon UK. Chinese sellers represent the largest nation of sellers on Amazon UK with 34% and the number of Chinese sellers are growing.

Find Amazon Sellers by Department

Use the table below to find list of sellers by the Amazon department they show their products in.

Amazon Top Sellers in each Department

The table above shows Amazon UK sellers by all departments. Clicking the link will take you to the list of sellers for that particular Amazon Department. The sellers are listed alphabetically, with the top sellers for each department being listed first. Amazon do not publish how sellers get rated as a ‘top seller’ for a particular department, but with over 50% of Amazon sales coming through third party sellers, it’s critical sellers focus on customer satisfaction to help improve ranking.

Positive feedback is a key factor for sellers to get ranked higher and drive more sales. 46% of all GB sellers have a positive feedback of 98%+ in the last 12 months. Sellers with low positive feedback will struggle to get noticed.

Responding to customers queries, dispatching products quickly, cancelling few orders & delivering products in good condition will all help to achieve excellent customer service in Amazon’s eyes. Achieving this, fulfilling a large number of orders successfully, preferably by using fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) will help a seller become a ‘Top Seller’ by Amazon Department.

British Sellers in each Amazon Department

From all the sellers on Amazon UK the British sellers account for 21%. However, this proportion varies by Amazon product departments. The table below outlines the number of British sellers on Amazon UK by department

British Sellers on Amazon UK by Department

wdt_ID Departments All Sellers GB Sellers % GB
1 Baby 5,655 863 15%
2 Health & Beauty 13,009 3,533 27%
3 Clothing, Shoes & Bags 13,044 2,467 19%
4 Electronics & Computers 13,637 2,326 17%
5 Garden & DIY 10,276 2,404 23%
6 Grocery 3,561 985 28%
7 Home, Kitchen & Lighting 13,084 2,931 22%
8 Industry 2,427 456 19%
9 Jewellery, Luggage & Watches 9,689 1,163 12%
10 Music 2,270 429 19%

The largest proportion of British sellers by department on Amazon UK is 29% within Toys & Games. Both Stationery and Health & Beauty have 27% of sellers from Great Britain, while the Grocery department has 28%. The department with the least amount of sellers from Great Britain on Amazon UK is the Jewellery, Luggage & Watches department. Only 12% of sellers from this department are British.

To find sellers contact information on Amazon UK marketplace see here. If the Amazon UK seller is a British seller then the Union Jack flag is seen next to the sellers name. To find all Amazon British sellers type ‘British’ into the search box to see only British sellers listed on the Amazon UK marketplace.

Other Departments on Amazon

While we have listed the main product departments on Amazon and the sellers listed within them, there are several other key departments that Amazon list. These largely related to specific products or services that Amazon provide:

  • Prime Video
  • Kindle E-Readers & Books
  • Echo & Alexa
  • Fire TV & Tablets

Today’s deals and Amazon Pantry are also listed within departments on Amazon UK.

Prime Video

This lists all the Prime Movies, TV Shows & Prime Originals that Amazon offer. This includes their 30 day free trial offer and details about their movie rent or buy offerings. Click here to go to Prime Video on Amazon UK.

Kindle E-Readers & Books

Here you can compare the different Kindle devices; the Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite & Kindle Oasis. Detailed descriptions of each Kindle device is provided along with customer reviews. Click here to see the latest Kindle devices on Amazon UK.

Echo & Alexa

Echo and Alexa are designed around your voice. The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is Amazon UK’s most popular voice-controlled speaker, with improved design and sound, compared to previous versions of the Echo Dot. Click here to see the latest prices on Amazon UK. Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, keep you updated with the news & weather and control compatible smart home devices.

Fire TV & Tablets

Click here to see details of Amazon’s Fire TV Stick & TV Stick 4K. The 4K stick includes new Alexa voice remote with volume control. Find product descriptions, latest prices and customer reviews for the Fire TV devices. These streaming media sticks allow you to watch many of your favorite movies and TV shows. The latest version of Fire Tablet, Fire 7, comes with Alexa and the battery last longer as well as being thinner, stronger and having a more durable screen. See the latest details on Amazon UK here.


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