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List of businesses selling sporting goods online

Verified addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses will help you target new business contacts. Social media links & business descriptions are also provided.

This accurate and up to date list of businesses have been web researched and verified against numerous sources include Companies House, the PAF file and other data sources.

The telephone numbers have been screened against the Corporate Telephone Preference Service, removing any listed, and all email addresses supplied online are generic (info@, contact@ etc.) ensuring compliance with the new GDPR laws that came into force in May 2018.

Named contacts & contact business email addresses are available on request. Please call 07985 921635 to discuss your tailored list requirements with named contacts.

  • 866 – Number of Complete Postal Addresses
  • 815- Number of Telephone Numbers
  • 692 – Number of Email Addresses (Generic;info@,contact@etc)
  • 672 (77%) – Businesses using Social Media
  • 1,859 – Total Number of Social Media Handles
  • 2.78- Ave No of Platforms used per Site using Social Media