Target businesses selling on UK Marketplace eBay

Data in the lists provided includes Seller Name, Feedback Score, Positive Feedback (99.7%), Number of Followers & Views, eBay Start Date, Main Product Category, No. of Items, Company Name, Address, eBay Contact Name, Phone Number & Generic Email Address (where provide by Seller on eBay).

Due to GDPR laws contact details for sellers will only be available for UK businesses. Individuals (& sole traders) on eBay will contain a link to the eBay contact page. Feedback scores and other eBay metrics will still be provided for these sellers.

The following eBay seller lists are available to purchase:

eBay Sellers – Feedback Score greater than 10,000 – 8,471 eBay Sellers

eBay Sellers – Feedback Score less than 10,000 – 24,768 Sellers

eBay Sellers – Positive Feedback 100% – 16,338 Sellers

Ebay Sellers – Greater than 1000 followers – 2,427 Sellers

eBay Sellers – Greater than 10,000 views on eBay – 8,551 Sellers

Ebay Business Sellers – Selling items within the Fashion Category

eBay Sellers – greater than 1000 items for sale

eBay Sellers – less than 1000 items for sale

Marketing lists of eBay sellers are provided as excel spreadsheet and will be supplied once payment has been confirmed and telephone numbers are screened against the latest Corporate Telephone Preference Service list (a data protection requirement). Therefore you may receive the list up to 24hrs after payment is made.

Please contact us on 07985 921635, or, to create your tailored made eBay sellers list for marketing.