Fastest Growing British Sellers on Amazon UK

Who are the hottest British sellers operating on Amazon UK?


We have been analyzing the fastest growing British sellers on the Amazon UK marketplace. This can help identify new and up & coming British sellers. Who are the hottest British sellers operating on Amazon UK? We have listed the top 50 British sellers, currently ranked in the top 2000 of all sellers, that have improved their ranking by over 500 places.

Analysis is based on the sellers 12 month feedback. With the lack of sales data available, customer feedback scores can provide an indication of the number of sales a seller is achieving. Roughly 2-5% of customers will leave a feedback when making a purchase; although this can vary by product & seller.

Fastest Growing British Sellers on Amazon UK

wdt_ID UK Rank Seller Name Storefront Link Info Page Main Category Positive Feedback Customer Reviews Sell in Europe
1 925 1ABOVE Stationery 96 2,295 YES
2 830 Seagull-UK Electronics 93 2,961 YES
3 1,876 POWR LTD Clothing 100 1,304 NO
4 697 MPOW Direct-sale Garden 99 2,784 NO
5 951 spares4us Electronics 95 11,606 YES
6 1,729 FIDGET EXPRESS LTD Toys&Games 83 1,396 NO
7 1,161 Rocsphere Stationery 93 1,910 NO
8 1,616 Change Checker Toys&Games 97 1,481 NO
9 1,887 Trusty Pet Supplies Pet 98 1,448 NO
10 1,397 Rujia2018 Toys&Games 97 1,922 YES

Click through to the sellers storefront on or go to the sellers information page on Also provided for each seller is the main category that their products are listed in, the % of positive feedback the seller has received and whether they sell in Europe via Amazon.

Sellers identified as selling in Europe have feedback from at least one of the other Amazon European Marketplaces; Amazon German, France, Italy and Spain. This helps to identify sellers on Amazon that trade internationally.

When you click on the sellers details button you go to the sellers information page. Here you will find a description of the seller including how many customers have reviewed them following a purchase and the different ways you can contact the seller.

On the sellers information page you can see the total number of reviews the seller has received, the main categories that the sellers products are listed within and how to get in contact with the seller. Information also includes whether they sell on other Amazon European marketplaces and if the sellers ranking is improving or declining.

On Amazon each seller has an information page, where you can find details including:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Business Name & Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Customer feedback metrics – incl. positive & negative counts
  • VAT number and Company Registration Number

To click through to this page on Amazon, via the sellers information page on, see the image above. This can help you to contact the fastest growing British businesses currently on the Amazon UK marketplace. The sellers business name, address and company registration number is often available, enabling further research to be started on these successful British sellers on Amazon.

For more details on how to get in touch with an Amazon seller, including via their own website, eBay store or social media links, see our blog post : How to contact an Amazon UK seller.

A closer look at the fastest growing sellers on Amazon UK

For 9 out of the top 10 fastest growers all, or nearly all, of their total number of feedback has come in the last 12 months. Only 5th placed spares4us (Blue Chestnut (UK) Ltd) has considerably more lifetime feedback (11,606) compared to their 12 month feedback (2,233). This company was incorporated in 2014 and has a current net worth of £14K.

Many of the other 9 fastest growing sellers on Amazon are newly formed companies. The sellers 1Above (VIAAN Enterprise Ltd), POWR Ltd, MPOW Direct-sale (Gukonime Ltd), Fidget Express Ltd, Rocsphere (Bahamut Media Ltd) and Trusty Pet Supplies Ltd are all UK businesses created since 2017.

The Amazon seller Change Checker, which has been trusted by over 1500 customers in the last 12 months, is part of 288 Group Ltd. This company is a leading distributor of collectible coins and stamps and has a current net worth of £13 million.

Among the other fastest growing Amazon UK sellers include AO, the successful online electrical store. They have only started selling on Amazon UK in the last 12 months and still have an impressive 100% positive feedback from 2,150+ feedbacks. The Bolton based business, AO Retail Ltd, has a current net worth of £57 million and current assets of £169 million.

Fulfillment by Amazon

The majority of the top 50 fastest growing sellers on Amazon UK fulfill their own products, rather than using Amazon’s fulfillment service, FBA, fulfillment by Amazon.

POWR Ltd uses FBA to fulfill it’s orders and they have moved from a UK ranking of 6003 in October 2018 to 1876 in  January 2019. They still have a 100% positive feedback from 1,304 trusted customers in the last 12 months. They have had 10,000+ orders fulfilled by Amazon but only list a handful of products. Their main product is the POWR ® RFID / NFC SIGNAL BLOCKING CARD which protect all your contactless payment cards from unauthorised usage.

Other fastest growing sellers on Amazon UK that are using Fulfillment by Amazon include:

International Trading

64% of the Top 50 fastest growing sellers on Amazon UK are also selling on at least one other Amazon European marketplace. Many are selling on all 4; Amazon German, France, Italy & Spain. Some of the biggest international traders, based on the percentage of customer feedback from each Amazon European marketplace, include the following:

The top 50 fastest growing British sellers on Amazon UK are clearly working hard to successfully sell on Amazon and are moving up the UK rankings into the top 2,000 sellers. With over 110,000 sellers identified by UK Online Stores on Amazon UK this is a great achievement by these sellers. We will be monitoring their progress to see if this can be continued.

You are able to search for more sellers on the Amazon UK marketplace here.

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