How to contact an Amazon UK Seller

The different ways to get in touch with a business selling on Amazon UK


This guide will help you find and get in touch with a seller on Amazon UK marketplace. Have you got a query about a product listed on Amazon UK or need to identify a particular seller? This article will show you how to find a specific seller and provides numerous ways on how to get in contact with them.

Firstly search for an Amazon UK seller on

Type the sellers name into the search box or look them up in the table. Then click on the sellers name. For this example we will use the seller WeBuyBooks, which is a British seller, ranked 5 out of over 100,000 sellers on Amazon UK marketplace.

Go to the sellers information page by clicking on the sellers name. Here you can find the sellers description, including the number of customer reviews  and the different ways to contact the seller.

See the total number of reviews the seller has received, the sellers main product categories and how to get in contact with the seller. Information also includes whether they sell on other Amazon European marketplaces and if the sellers ranking is improving or declining.

Next to ‘CONTACT SELLER VIA’ are the different ways to get in touch with the business seller. Some sellers may only be contactable via Amazon, while others via Amazon, email address, Facebook, Twitter, their own website or eBay store. Click on the appropriate logo to get in touch with the seller via that channel. For example with WeBuyBooks, you may want to visit their own ecommerce website or eBay store.

Click on the Amazon logo to be taken to Amazon UK. Once you’ve logged in, you can contact the seller about an item you’re interested in purchasing or an order you’ve place (see image below).

If you have placed an order with the seller then this is the best way to get in touch. The seller has to respond to any communication via this channel within 2 business days.

To find more information about a product then visiting the sellers own website might be more useful. The sellers phone number and an email address can often be found on the sellers website. The sellers social media channels, like Twitter or Facebook, maybe another useful way of getting in touch with the seller. If you regularly buy via eBay then clicking through to the sellers eBay store can be an easier way to purchase their products.

On Amazon each seller has an information page, where you can find details including:

  • Customer Reviews
  • Business Name & Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Customer feedback metrics – incl. positive & negative counts
  • VAT number and Company Registration Number

To click through to this page on Amazon, via the sellers information page on, see the image below:

The sellers information page on also lists some of the products that the seller offers on Amazon UK. You can click on the products listed to go through to that particular product on Amazon to purchase it. To browse all the products that a seller has currently listed on Amazon just click on the ‘Browse all Products’ button on the sellers information page. You will then be taken to the sellers storefront on Amazon where all the sellers products are listed.

UKOnlinestores also provides names of other sellers that are similar to the seller you have searched for. Useful where your current seller has not got the product currently listed on Amazon. Or if you’ve had a bad experience with a seller just select another in the same category.

If you would like to support British sellers on Amazon or are reluctant to wait for products to be shipped from long distances, then select sellers with a Union Jack flag next to their name. These are British business sellers on Amazon UK, which account for 21% of all sellers on the marketplace. The United Kingdom is the 2nd largest group of sellers on Amazon UK.

The country with the most sellers on Amazon UK marketplace is China. Including Hong Kong, China represents 34% of the total sellers on the UK marketplace. Many of these sellers will have less contact information on their Amazon seller information page. They are also less likely to be contactable via other channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, email or have their own ecommerce website.

Search now for a particular seller on Amazon UK here. By having numerous ways of contacting the seller and knowing how many other customers have trusted a particular seller, you can feel more confident when purchasing via the Amazon UK marketplace.

If you are a seller on Amazon UK marketplace and would like to update your sellers details please send an email to Please put your Amazon sellers name in the subject and provide the different contact channels that customers & prospects can keep in touch with you by.

UK Online Stores monitors businesses selling on European Marketplaces & ecommerce websites. With over 25 key metrics and contact details available we are the leading supplier of Marketplace seller information, providing business intelligent data to the ecommerce sector.


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