Top 100 Amazon UK Marketplace Sellers


Amazon UK sellers are ranked by their 12 month feedback count. As Amazon does not release seller sales figures this is the most appropriate way to rank sellers. The table includes seller name, the number of products listed, their 12 month feedback count & % positive, and their lifetime feedback count & % positive.

The Top 100 UK sellers have over 39 million products listed on Amazon UK. Their average feedback count is just over 25,000 during the last 12 months. On average 97% of feedback is positive for the Top 100 over the last 12 months. This has fallen slightly compared to positive lifetime feedback.

The performance of over 110,000 Amazon UK sellers are tracked to produce the top 100 list. The top 100 Amazon UK Sellers are:

PosSellerListings12M12M %(+)TotalTotal %(+)
1musicMagpieOver 800,000 Products312,333976,447,20997
2World of Books LtdOver 900,000 Products150,234941,938,26995
3OnlineMusicFilmsGamesOver 100,000 Products88,39997401,90897
4WeBuyBooksOver 300,000 Products83,94198484,42098
5Book DepositoryOver 9,000,000 Products81,102963,883,37398
6Amazon Warehouse DealsUnknown80,57083982,37993
7momox co ukOver 2,000,000 Products75,44797626,69297
8WorderyOver 2,000,000 Products72,95297653,24598
9all your musicOver 300,000 Products56,401981,682,51898
10DOMU UK830 Products49,48599267,15998
11awesome_books_001Over 700,000 Products39,691951,106,42896
12AnkerDirect286 Products39,592100257,72599
13betterworldbooksltdOver 900,000 Products38,34794446,29296
14LightingandMobileAccessoriesUKOver 4,000 Products29,49887137,35390
15the book houseOver 80,000 Products29,06094685,38593
16Infinite_BooksOver 600,000 Products28,9729533,33495
17Greener_BooksOver 400,000 Products28,32294553,29197
18DURONIC336 Products27,962100246,60898
19uniqueplace-ukOver 700,000 Products27,35697105,24996
20Brit-BooksOver 400,000 Products27,32194244,64396
21Bahamut Media GroupOver 700,000 Products26,8139582,85695
22SPARES-2-GOOver 60,000 Products26,41994286,43096
23Sunvalleytek-UK328 Products25,241100101,587100
24countryhouselibraryOver 200,000 Products25,2119743,74997
25longtop248 Products24,02510026,113100
26First4SparesOver 10,000 Products23,40897129,05196
27BOOKS etcOver 1,000,000 Products22,77697136,58098
28Newin HomeOver 5,000 Products22,6519832,03197
29TECHGEAR SolutionsOver 2,000 Products22,26292186,14994
30moviemars-ukOver 2,000,000 Products22,07098714,57095
31JEDirect UK231 Products21,48610098,13599
32Blue HerbsOver 1,000 Products20,67210065,266100
33Spigen629 Products20,1359937,27399
34Round3 UKOver 300,000 Products19,5599581,93696
35UGREEN GROUP LIMITED UK312 Products17,51410044,946100
36D & B ENTERTAINMENTOver 20,000 Products16,83610042,708100
37eaglebooksUKOver 8,000 Products16,7339892,44298
38Blackwell’s UKOver 6,000,000 Products16,6309828,92598
39THE MONSTER BOOKSHOPOver 400,000 Products16,6089542,85096
40Fintie EU582 Products16,47610060,37599
41The Light FactoryOver 2,000 Products16,3699699,48797
42UKPaperbackshopOver 3,000,000 Products16,34698685,76896
43Betron Limited ( VAT Registered)94 Products15,5729991,11797
4424/7 DIRECTOver 10,000 Products15,4689988,669100
45H&S Alliance UK Ltd163 Products15,3769937,06299
46A ENTERTAINMENTOver 20,000 Products15,3759974,529100
47EnglishpostboxOver 30,000 Products15,34210051,552100
48JULIES-BOOKSHOPOver 200,000 Products14,98998269,03698
49supermart USAOver 80,000 Products14,79897114,54496
50owlsmart_usaOver 1,000,000 Products14,76694145,06893
51Superfood MarketOver 100,000 Products14,4769927,15499
52COOZO UKOver 30,000 Products14,4479990,04497
53Mountain WarehouseOver 2,000 Products14,2379270,58995
54BookdonorsOver 100,000 Products14,08496212,20198
55UK_BOOKSTORE_Over 1,000,000 Products13,8879842,12398
56Songmics897 Products13,79010041,72499
57MoKoDirect EU434 Products13,36610053,049100
58Rinkit LtdOver 9,000 Products13,27699131,41499
59Strictly LampsOver 2,000 Products13,15796125,22597
60Xtreme Auto AccessoriesOver 60,000 Products13,0729492,34995
61SNaylerBooksOver 90,000 Products13,05097107,39098
62iZilla99 Products13,0449736,74599
63SuperfoodukOver 10,000 Products13,0409957,58497
64STK e-ShopOver 90,000 Products13,0109777,23797
65worldofbargain888Over 4,000 Products12,7969937,25797
66Oypla546 Products12,7389733,38297
67XS-Stock com LtdOver 5,000 Products12,42897122,48896
68Cambridge Pet StoreOver 1,000 Products12,3449923,926100
69Falcon Workshop Supplies LtdOver 8,000 Products12,2269346,63695
70Gardener’s Dream LtdOver 2,000 Products12,2089640,87896
71TradeNRG (UK VAT Registered)Over 1,000 Products12,20710031,64197
72AP Motor StoreOver 200,000 Products12,19699101,49895
73Motionperformance - WaxacarOver 80,000 Products11,86699188,16498
74RAREWAVESOver 500,000 Products11,62295248,96697
75Speedyhen LtdOver 400,000 Products11,61199136,00398
76Langley Steelworks LtdOver 3,000 Products11,4389231,68194
77VoxonStore40 Products11,38310011,825100
78F & F Stores512 Products11,3179918,54199
79betterworldbooksOver 1,000,000 Products11,28994413,56093
80Anything 4 HomeOver 3,000 Products11,1539950,90495
81Vinsani (UK Seller)Over 1,000 Products11,1449585,93895
82Andrew James UK LTD279 Products11,04497202,47098
83ShukanOver 10,000 Products11,0249071,15292
84LakelandOver 2,000 Products10,8499966,94098
85SelectiveGoodsOver 1,000 Products10,69595124,24195
86AMOS UKOver 2,000 Products10,5889815,60498
87naissance766 Products10,5799768,24397
88BARGAINS-GALOREOver 4,000 Products10,5639560,40398
89DigiflexOver 1,000 Products10,55898223,36797
90DVD OverstocksOver 8,000 Products10,371100117,864100
91Maltbys StoresOver 1,000 Products10,3709427,87793
92Greens PharmacyOver 10,000 Products10,3419353,88996
93cherrypickelectronicsOver 400,000 Products10,2899864,03098
94Ascot CityOver 300,000 Products10,2789514,52994
95ESR Case EU Store169 Products10,23310040,554100
96Garden SelectionsOver 2,000 Products10,2169988,91898
97PopamazingOver 1,000 Products10,0349726,32797
98InveroOver 1,000 Products9,9189990,25495
99My Shoe StoreOver 1,000 Products9,8959037,69191
100FT BooksOver 200,000 Products9,88996114,49097

We monitor over 110,000 Amazon UK marketplace sellers, tracking their feedback scores, rating, products listed and main product categories. Overtime this helps identify seller changes in performance and to analyse trends. Data used from September 2018.

It is possible to guesstimate sales quantities using feedback scores. For example Amazon says 10-20% of sales give feedback. However, many sellers believe a ratio of 2-7% is more realistic. Many factors including product category, price and multiple purchases for the same item will all influence the actual sales to feedback ratio. Some sellers actively push for feedback.

To view sellers on Amazon UK marketplace, their contact details, customer reviews and browse their products click here.

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