Top Amazon UK Sellers in Europe


33% of Amazon UK sellers now sell on the other 4 Amazon European Marketplaces. Amazon sellers in Europe can create one seller account for all 5 Marketplaces; UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain. Therefore we can identify the top 100 Amazon UK European sellers.

Feedback is linked to a single account. So it’s possible to calculate the percentage of feedback from each Amazon marketplace and the total positive feedback for each seller.

Feedback scores are important as it’s possible to guesstimate sales volumes using feedback scores. For example, Amazon says 10-20% of sales give feedback. However, many sellers believe a ratio of 2-7% is more realistic. Many factors including product category, price and multiple purchases will all influence the actual sales to feedback ratio.

UKOnlineStores have identified 86,714 active sellers on Amazon UK. 33% of these active UK sellers now sell on all the other 4 Amazon European Marketplaces. This is based on having at least 1 positive feedback score across each Amazon marketplace; Germany, Italy, France & Spain in the last 12 months.

Amazon have helped sellers sell throughout Europe thanks to their fulfilment network. 41% of Amazon UK are taking advantage of Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

FBA sellers have 3 options available to help sell abroad; European Fulfilment Network (EFN), Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) or Pan-European FBA. The latter launched in 2016 aims to help boost SME exports.

EFN – offer sellers the choice of Amazon EU distribution center to store products & ship to other countries when ordered. Prime is available.

MCI – seller can store products in multiple countries distribution centers & Prime is available when stock is held in the country of order received.

Pan-European FBA – Products sent to sellers European distribution centre of choice and Amazon redistributes products to other countries centers based on demand. Prime is available in all 5 Amazon European Marketplaces.

Many sellers still fulfil orders (FBM) but FBA has helped the growth of selling in Europe. 58% of Amazon UK active sellers are also selling on Amazon marketplace in Germany, 55% in France, 51% in Italy & 47% in Spain. This has increased significantly even since early 2017.

UKOnlineStores has ranked the 33% of UK sellers that sell on all 4 other European Amazon marketplaces. They have been ranked by their total positive feedback score in the last 12 months from all 5 marketplaces.

The Top 100 Amazon UK European sellers are listed below. The % split of total positive feedback from each Amazon European marketplace is given. For example, 41% of AnkerDirect’s total positive feedback score is from the UK.

6 out of the top 10 are within the Electronics category. Many sellers are not UK based businesses. CSL-Computer, KW-Commerce & Songmics, 3 out of the top 5, are from Germany. AnkerDirect is from Hong Kong and only UGREEN GROUP LIMITED, in 4th position, is from the United Kingdom.

Top 100 Amazon UK European Sellers

*Total Positive Feedback is based on positive feedback scores in the last 12 months from all 5 Amazon Marketplaces. For more information on the Top 100 Amazon UK European sellers please contact us. ranks Amazon UK sellers and tracks feedback scores. Search feedback scores for all UK sellers using our Feedback Finder Tool.

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