Top British Sellers on Amazon UK Marketplace

Exploring the top British sellers, with 500+ sales, on the Amazon UK marketplace


Third party sellers nowadays account for over 50% of sales on Amazon. There are over 155,000 registered sellers on the Amazon UK marketplace in 2020, but 23% of sellers have made no sales yet.

Here UK Online Stores explores the 21K top British sellers on the Amazon UK marketplace, with 500+ sales*, to better understand what they look like and the customer feedback they receive. On the Amazon UK marketplace 42% of sellers (65,000) have made 500+ sales, here we focus on the 21,000 British sellers.

British Businesses with 500+ sales on Amazon UK

17% of these British businesses are new, having only formed in the last 2 years. To achieve 500+ sales on the marketplace these sellers will have invested significant time and resources into selling on Amazon.

The majority of these sellers (57%) have been around for 6+ years.

Selling Internationally?

29% of these British businesses sell on the Amazon UK marketplace but on none of the other four Amazon European marketplaces; Germany, France, Spain & Italy. Given the relative ease of listing products on all these Amazon marketplaces, using the same seller ID, there are significant sales opportunities available for these 5,360 British companies.

The majority of British sellers that have entered the other Amazon European marketplaces have decided to sell in all 4 countries. Only 14% have decided to sell on Amazon UK and either one or two other countries, and 9% on three other countries.

This compares to the 48% of the 21,000 British business on the Amazon UK  marketplace, with 500 plus sales, that also sell on Amazon Germany, France, Italy & Spain. These businesses could have their own ecommerce website as well and are clearly selling internationally. With Britain leaving the EU, opportunities for these businesses to sell into more countries and explore other marketplaces will continue to grow.

Net Worth of the Top British Business on Amazon UK

‘Small Businesses’ in the UK are allowed to file abbreviated account that do not include turnover or profit and loss figures. This helps businesses, with annual turnover of less than £10.2 million or no more than 50 employees, to protect critical information from competitors. However, we can still analyse the net worth of the 21,000 top British sellers on the Amazon UK marketplace with 500+ sales.

Net worth, or the book value of the business, equals shareholders funds less intangible assets. Using this definition 5,459 businesses have a negative net worth. A condition in which a companies liabilities exceed its assets.

46% of GB businesses, with 500+ sales on Amazon, have a net worth of between £1 and £100,000. 18% have a net worth between £100K and £1 million, while 7% (1,232 businesses) have a net worth greater than £1 million.

Top GB Sellers by Main Product Category

wdt_ID Main Department Top GB Sellers %
1 Baby 461 2%
2 Health & Beauty 3,444 17%
3 Business, Science & Industry 1,272 6%
4 Car&Motorbike 481 2%
5 Clothing, Shoes & Bags 2,150 10%
6 Electronics & Computers 1,545 7%
7 Garden & DIY 1,049 5%
8 Grocery 916 4%
9 Home, Kitchen & Lighting 4,017 19%
10 Jewellery, Luggage & Watches 1,155 6%

Many sellers list products across numerous product categories. However, we have identified the main category (where most of their products are listed) for each seller.

Home, Kitchen & Lighting contains the highest proportion of sellers, followed by Health & Beauty, with 19% and 17% of sellers respectively. The third largest product category is Clothing, Shoes & Bags with 10% and then Toys & Games (8%).

Customer Feedback for the Top GB Sellers

These 21,000 top British sellers on Amazon UK marketplace have a combined lifetime customer feedback of over 93 million. Assuming that, on average, 5% of sales also leave feedback, then approximately 1.86 billion sales have been achieved by these top British sellers on Amazon UK.

The last 12 months feedback for these sellers almost totals 7 million. But how positive is the feedback that these sellers are getting? Over 5000 sellers (26%) have got 100% positive feedback, with a further 17% of sellers achieving between 98-99% positive feedback.

On the other hand some 4,000 sellers (20%) have got 90% or less positive feedback. With Amazon making customer satisfaction an important ranking criteria, these sellers need to make improvements to continue achieving numerous sales.

The Top British sellers have achieved 1.86 billion sales on Amazon UK

Contacting the Top British Sellers on Amazon UK

UK Online Stores tracks key seller metrics, enhances company/contact information and makes available data for relevant ecommerce related companies. Target sellers by key product categories, cross border selling, location, net worth or feedback metrics.

25% of the top British sellers on the Amazon UK marketplace are based in London, with a further 11% (2,149) in the South East. 16% are based in the North West and almost 10% in the West Midlands. Sales managers & BDMs target these businesses within their region. And with company directors, telephone numbers and other contact information available, many companies are using UK Online Stores data to identify and reach new leads.

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*Assuming 5% of all sales leave a feedback rating

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