How to find British sellers on Amazon UK

Browse products, seller metrics and contact information for British sellers on Amazon


British sellers on Amazon UK represent 21% of all sellers on the marketplace. This is the 2nd largest group behind Chinese sellers (34%). Out of the 22,106 British sellers 20,330 are active sellers i.e. they have at least 1 customer feedback on Amazon UK.

To find contact and ranking information about sellers on Amazon UK marketplace see here. If the Amazon UK seller is a British seller then the Union Jack flag is seen next to the sellers name. To find all Amazon British sellers type ‘British’ into the search box to see only British sellers listed on the Amazon UK marketplace.

Use the search box to find list of Amazon UK sellers that sell in certain product categories, e.g. Home, Garden, Electronics, Baby etc. Or input the Amazon UK sellers name into the search box to identify the Amazon sellers contact information and browse products.

The One Year Rank shows the sellers ranking on Amazon UK marketplace. Amazon sellers are ranked by their 12 month positive feedback, with seller musicMagpie being ranked 1. Sellers change in position; either upwards, downwards or staying the same, are indicated by the arrows next to their ranking position.

To find information on each Amazon UK seller, including products listed, ways to contact the seller and browse all their products, click on the sellers name.

Contact the seller via Amazon (the seller must respond within 2 business days) or where available via sellers eBay store, Twitter, Facebook, email or website. Amazon sellers details also include their number of lifetime feedback reviews, main product categories, current and previous Amazon ranking position and whether they sell on any other Amazon European marketplace.

A link to the sellers business name, address, phone number (if supplied) and latest reviews is also supplied on the sellers information page.

From the sellers information page you can click through to Amazon to browse all the sellers products listed. The sellers information page also provides links to other similar sellers and to the sellers storefront on Amazon UK.

Summary of information available on Amazon sellers:

  • Identify British sellers on Amazon UK marketplace
  • Contact the Amazon seller via numerous methods
    • Amazon, eBay store, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Website
  • See seller metrics – % & number of positive customer reviews
  • Click to Amazon sellers storefront and browse all products
  • Identify similar Amazon UK sellers
  • Search for sellers using FBA or within product categories

British sellers represent just under 30% of all sellers within the following categories; Toys & Games, Grocery, Health & Beauty and Stationery. By volume Health & Beauty, Home & Kitchen and Fashion categories contain the most British sellers.

British Amazon Sellers by Category

wdt_ID Main Category All Sellers GB Sellers % GB
1 Baby 5,655 863 15%
2 Health & Beauty 13,009 3,533 27%
3 Clothing, Shoes & Bags 13,044 2,467 19%
4 Electronics & Computers 13,637 2,326 17%
5 Garden & DIY 10,276 2,404 23%
6 Grocery 3,561 985 28%
7 Home, Kitchen & Lighting 13,084 2,931 22%
8 Industry 2,427 456 19%
9 Jewellery, Luggage & Watches 9,689 1,163 12%
10 Music 2,270 429 19%

Positive feedback is a key factor for sellers to get ranked higher and drive more sales. 46% of all British sellers have a positive feedback of 98%+ in the last 12 months. Given Amazon’s focus on customer satisfaction those with a low positive feedback will struggle to get noticed.

26% of GB sellers have a positive feedback of < 90%

Sending customer email requests for feedback in an organised, timely manner and being alerted of any negative feedback can help sellers take prompt action and proactively manage their feedback metrics. Search current feedback metrics for all sellers here. Responding to customers queries, dispatching products quickly, cancelling few orders & delivering products in good condition will all help to achieve excellent customer service in Amazon’s eyes. Achieving this, fulfilling a large number of orders successfully and having a high percentage of positive feedback will make Amazon happier to rank sellers higher and gain the ‘Buy Box’.

The top 20 British sellers on Amazon UK list over 19 million products and are all ranked in the top 30 for all sellers on Amazon UK marketplace. Their total lifetime customer feedback count is over 18.26 million. The top 20 British sellers are listed here:

To search for Amazon UK sellers click here

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